Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 37

fashion & style SWANK TIPS FOR LOOKING GREAT FOR LESS Story Hannah Foullah It seems it was just the other day, when we ushered in the New Year. But time has flown so fast and yes, pinch yourself the end of the year is here!!! A new year has been born. This piece gives great tips of how you can look great for less during festive seasons. Every festive season comes with a very busy schedule of events and activities for everyone. If you’re a woman, it means you need to have a wardrobe of exciting and appropriate outfits that will make you noticeable and memorable. But with increasing difficult financial times and competing needs, it is difficult to splurge on a new wardrobe just for the season. Jenneh Amara Bangali, of SWANK COUTURE says women don’t need to moan and groan over this. What she has done is go “through her Africana wardrobe “and has discovered she does have clothes to wear. She shares some tips that will spare our pockets and purses and still help us look like a million leones. 1. Turn your old clothes to new clothes First and foremost, go into your wardrobe, get together all your clothes and separate them into different looks for the weddings, carnivals, discos and whatever occasion you have lined up. Don’t worry about buying new clothes if you can’t afford it. Then take out the ones that still look good on you and that for no reason on earth you shall part company with. If you have worn them too many times its time to change the look of those outfits. 2. Accessorize Go to an accessories shop and get some corsages, broaches, and broad ribbons, four yards of thin ribbon with which you can cut yourself two thin belts. A scarf would enhance a day look and an evening look as well. Get some beaded necklaces which you can use to add color to your outfits. Remember, necklaces can be used as belts or bracelets. Don’t forget to make use of the belts you already have in your wardrobe. 3. Alterations The sooner you get to the tailors the better it will be for you, to avoid the usual disappointment.  Its now time to shorten that long dress. You can make it into a mini or mid length dress and accessorize it to get a different look.  If it’s a plain fabric, why not get a little embroidery done around the edges or wherever you fancy.  Transform a dress with sleeves into a Tube dress or a one sleeved dress. Try being creative to cut down your expenses.  4. Go African Wearing African fabric on a night out is so cool. A Cat suit would look elegant or a sexy dress in Ankara, batik, gara, broca H܂