Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 36

fashion & style Calabash: What is your best Sierra Leone Dish? Soniesha: (Laugh) I have lots of favourite dishes but my best is Fofo n Okra. Calabash: So tell us about your new single R DAE WONDER Soniesha: (Smile) r dae wonder is a song I wrote when I was 10yrs old and I said to myself, I will one day have my own song, I am so blessed the song finally is out, my friends and fans are really supportive. Thanks to God. Calabash: You feature one of Jungle Leaders Dr Filling, how was working with him Soniesha: Yes, ooh my God it was amazing; he is very talented you can’t believe he made R DAE WONDER beat in 15mins; I was like wow what a creative man... Shout out to DR Filling keep the good job it was a honour working with you. Calabash: Where can we get your song? Soniesha: On YouTube,, 40 Acres Production and my CD is out now; get your copy now please. Introduction to Mayer fashion models and Beauty pageant Mayer Fashion was launched in 2010 to help teenagers enter the world of modelling, dancing, singing, and beauty pageantry to name a few. Mayer Fashion is the business name for Miss Mayene Sesay, a versatile and inspiring black woman highly talented and gifted in the disciplines of fashion. She has a keen interest and a special love in seeing young girls and boys across the country especially Sierra Leonean, achieve their dreams in the world of fashion. She also has her own modelling company named and she is currently working on a beauty pageant called, Miss Borough 34 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine England, which will take place July. She says she is inspired by Oprah Winfrey and Wendy Williams and is working towards the ultimate goal of contributing meaningfully to the world of fashion and leaving a lasting impression. Her modelling agency is currently working with all Sierra Leone stars to help them with their movies, music and so on. Miss Mayene is a born Sierra Leone, but started her business in the Nederland, where she lived for 5years, with fashion shows and dance groups. In 2005 she decided to move to the UK where she continued her business.