Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 35

Soniesha fashion & style Calabash meets an upcoming model and musical celebrity Calabash: What is your name again? And why are you called or why do people call you Soniesha? Soniesha: My name is Sonia Sesay, Soniesha is my stage name, I called myself Soniesha because it doesn’t sound much different between Sonia and Soniesha and there is something special about the name that I can’t figure out. (Laugh) Calabash: You are now in college, what are you studying? Soniesha: I am studying Business Accounting and also going to University this year September. Calabash: What is keeping you busy during the day when you are not on the catwalk, modeling or singing? Soniesha: Well I am a Student. I like to read a lot, shopping, drinks with friends and watch movies. Calabash: Is facebook good or bad? Soniesha: Well it’s good for me because I