Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 34

fashion & style believe that the youths are ready for some adequate changes to partake in Sierra Leone. One of the reasons why I decided to do the Miss Africa U.S.A pageant is because I want to inspire my Sierra Leonean youths to start thinking of themselves as future leaders; instead of victim. We must learn to respect them and treat them well, we must educate the youth for the betterment of their futures, and also for the betterment of Sierra Leone. We must feed the youth when they are hungry, provide them with shelter when they are homeless. Provide them with affordable and timely medical care. The Future of our Land lies in the hands of the youth, Therefore we must never turn our backs on them in the time of dispair. We need to encourage each other to keep striving for the improvement of our homeland, Sierra Leone. Extracurricular Activities What am I studying, and what are my plans when I finish college? I am presently a senior at Middle Tennessee State University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology (Pre-Medicine). In 5 years, having graduated from medical school, you will find me embarking on the journey that I hope will define my life. I will open a series of free clinics in Sierra Leone that will cater to less fortunate women. My hope is to offer a full range of free gynecological and obstetric services to the women of my country who otherwise would not be able to afford these medical options. I am very passionate about this situation! I strongly believe that when I return home to impart the knowledge that I have on women’s healthcare to Sierra Leonean women, I will be empowering women in my country to improve this dilemma. By doing so, these women would be simultaneously strengthening the African society as a whole, while enhancing the continent’s broader development prospects. I feel it is crucial to educate our women at an early stage because they will be able to understand while they develop. This will in turn enable them to impart what they have learned to other young girls. Furthermore, I would like to take on the most significant role of all – that of wife and mother. Miss Sierra Leone USA I am currently the reigning Miss Sierra Leone USA 2011/2012. It is truly a blessing, to be representing my homeland, of Sierra Leone. I feel honored to be the one this year holding the torch high for my Country. I 32 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine In my free time I enjoy working out because I believe that the human body is the home where the flesh rests, so we should; by all means take good care of ourselves. Teaching our youth; especially, our female youth the necessity of vigorous exercises on a daily basis. I enjoy cooking for my family on the weekends, being a fulltime student, the weekend is the only time I have to relax, spend quality time with my loved ones, and also catch up on the new going on in Africa, especially in Sierra Leone. I enjoy reading history novels as well. Sierra Leone Next Decade The United Nations ranks Sierra Leone second-to-last in the world in development. In addition to severe unemployment, the country has an estimated 340,000 orphaned children and the highest infant mortality rate in the world. Nevertheless, Sierra Leone has been endowed with one of the most beautiful environments in the world. We are known as the Lion Mountain because our coastline is close to the mountains which look like lions from afar especially when viewed from the beaches such as No2 beach, Kent, Lumley Beach and Bonthe Island. Our beaches are one of the most idyllic with breathtaking beauty. The sea makes Freetown overpoweringly spectacular. In both our pure white and tantalizingly yellow beaches the warm waters of our ocean ten degrees from the equator are ideal for swimmers. “Sierra Leone has massive natural resources and wonderful possibilities commercially in agriculture, tourism, mining and other sectors.” My vision and aspiration for Sierra Leone is to establish young free enterprise, where education can be the key to the youth’s future. In the next Decade I envision Sierra Leone to effect long term community improvement, to rank amongst the greatest nations like Europe and America. We will be re-defining and unearthing Sierra Leone’s beauty and also advocating for a better health care system. In the next decade, our country will be a community where everyone’s basic needs are met. All we have to do now to prepare for the next decade is to nourish the seeds of knowledge already planted within the hearts of the youth. Sierra Leone Music I am a true African woman I am very proud of my culture, and my tradition. Indeed, I listen to a lot of Sierra Leone music. During the years, I realized that my Salone music is therapeutic for my soul It calms me down, and brings me back to my roots. Some of my favorite types of music includes Mandigo music, Krio Music, Salon Oldies. Etc.