Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 33

fashion & style Isha Kabba I was fortunate enough to have been one of the people to escape the rebel war. I entered the United States as a refugee to gain a life of Perseverance, Independence, and most of all; an opportunity for education. Who are my Parents, and are they living with me in the USA? My father is the late Alhaji Abdul Rahman Kabba, popularly known as Nafaya Kabba. He passed away peacefully on November 24th 2010 at home in Elk street in Freetown. My father was the Mandingo tribal Headman in the Western area. My father was a popular businessman who started his trade in Kono District in the Early Seventies. He later moved to Freetown where he engaged in Retail business. He succeeded in establishing the popularly known “Nafaya Supermarket” at Rawdon Street. My mother is the beautiful M’balu Fatima Kabba. She resides with me here in the United States. My mother is my backbone; my mother is also a caregiver by profession, who enjoys taking care of people and making her family happy. I am my mother’s only child thus far. My parent means the world to me! My Bio: My name is Isha Rahman Kabba, born May 24th, 1987 in the Republic of Sierra Leone, West Africa. I am the youngest of 18 children, and grew up in a home with an abundance of love and positivity. I am presently a senior at Middle Tennessee State University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology (Pre-Medicine). I am highly selfmotivated and live my life each day with the drive to share my positive personality with the world. I hold true to my ambitions and career aspirations because I am not limited in my hopes, dreams and pursuit for greatness. I put God first in all that I do, and know that through His grace, all things are possible. What brought me to the United States? In 2002, Sierra Leone emerged from a long and violent civil war that displaced two million people, killed more than 50,000 and fostered widespread abuse of human rights. 7 years after the end of the civil war, Sierra Leone is still struggling to build its economy, following a peace agreement which was signed betwe [