Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 32

culture Ex-pupil association... continued responded excitedly from the other side of the line “Yes, Yes and why not, I need to get this nostalgic feeling of being back in school with my ceremonial uniform.” We set out on a cool early spring Sunday afternoon to Wesleyan Methodist Church in Old Street, London, United Kingdom to attend the Annual thanksgiving service of the Methodist Boys High School. I was not disappointed. When we got into the church, the Ex-pupils were already in the church yard and corridor ushering friends, families and visitors into the church. My friend could not contain his excitement seeing the Ex-pupils all well attired in their White Blazer, black trousers, white shirt and school tie, and some members with camanband round their waist line. The church service was touching, especially as the sermon was eloquently delivered by the pastor of the day. But the icing of this nostalgic feeling was the singing of the school song Laboramus Expect antes by the Ex-pupil. As we left the church, he tapped me on my shoulder and said “This is the nostalgic feeling I was graving for and it takes my mind back to my School days. I wish I can introduce this trend in our community”. Methodist Boys High School Ex-pupils Association United Kingdom 30 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine