Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 31

culture Supporters and guests at luncheon sales lady who was standing by the stall what the food was, and with a broad smile she replied “Obiata and foofoo”. I further asked how much, and she replied five pounds. I dipped my hand into my pocket and took out a brand new crispy ten pound note and paid for two plates of “Obiata and foofoo “(eat pan broke plate). I sat down, ate my food and digested it with a pint of Guinness. Now fully loaded I ended my visit by taking a few snap shots of the ex pupils nostalgic luncheon sale. So if you are missing Sierra Leonean dishes and you need fun or net working with other Sierra Leoneans find out where the Ex-pupils are holding their events or check on the function calendar in this magazine. This nostalgic event of the Sierra Leone Ex-Pupils Associations in the United Kingdom interested a good friend of mine who asked me,”when next are you going to attend one of these events” adding,”you Rebecca Stevens –president of MGHS ex-pupils Association UK know we don’t have this nostalgic trend in our own community, and just think that with all the schools and colleges we have in Nigeria, there are no school reunions of ex pupils. Can you take me to one of your events?” I contemplated why and what so interested my friend that a non Sierra Leonean wanted to patronize the trend of school days. I checked my activities’ planner and to my amazement, the coming Sunday would be the Methodist Boys High School annual Thanksgiving Service event. I picked up my mobile phone and called my friend. “Hello, do you want to join me on the first Sunday in April to attend a Thanksgiving Service being held be the best school in the history of Sierra Leone?” He issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 29