Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 30

culture During the year the Ex-pupil association or Alumni of schools from the home land makes it a must in networking by celebrating a variety of events. T he Calabash magazine attended some of its activities which have become a Sierra Leonean thing in the Diaspora culture trend, or making home where you find yourself. These trends or nostalgic activities will commence at the beginning of the year with luncheon sales and end with a Dinner and Dance. Others will start with a thanksgivings service mirroring what it used to be like in the days when Sierra Leone was called the Athens of Africa (the centre for Africa Education), and end it with Dinner and Dance. Methodist Girls High school Ex-pupils Association in their Luncheon Sale Ashobi Kosinatu and Cynthia of the Methodists Girls High School Ex-pupils Association UK 28 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine To get a feel of these nostalgic events or trends I attended th