Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 3

welcome W elcome to the long awaited issue of the Calabash Magazine. As it is commonly stated, good things come to those who wait patiently. And indeed this issue of the Calabash magazine is a bumper packed full of goodies, brain enriching articles and photos that will make you jealous and envious to no bounds. If you are not the jealous kind, the photos will make you wish they were of you. Oh boy! Whilst I was putting the magazine together, in my mind’s eye I could see a vision of me packing my luggage to travel to somewhere I have never been before. And in my dream world I heard a voice telling me what I needed to pack into my suitcase. This issue is packed with motivated interviews from people who you will like to emulate or take as your mentor; Interviews with people who were around when Sierra Leone was called the Athens of West Africa. Read more in the “champion page” about Dr Ousman Abdulai, the first Sierra Leonean or Black African in the University of Keele and read about his opinions on good governance and education in the motherland. My vision continues with clarity and I can hear a still small voice continuing to speak what else needs to be packed into this awe-inspiring vision-released issue, so you will read about one of our many hardworking Sierra Leoneans in the United Kingdom, who is contributing to the development and cohesion of ex pupils association, a fine gentleman, a practicing barrister in the United Kingdom, Ibrahim, Dubumya. Read more in our Champion Pages. My vision has decreed that this package must include an exclusive interview done with a business guru, who loves the motherland so much that he left his own motherland in Lebanon to develop the land that we all love our Sierra Leone. Read in our “business page” about Adonis Aboud, founder of Pinkin Business and DSTV. As we all know when you are travelling especially to a land you have never been to before, you make sure all essentials are crammed into your suitcase, but in this case not the I-phone or the I-pad, but the photos or images that we all love sharing. Inside this issue of Calabash, there are lots of weddings: everybody wanting to get hooked! Of course our “celebration pages” are the most glamorous, stylish and flamboyant section of this well informative and remarkable publication which portrais the reason of how and why marriages go down the rocks at the flick of a finger. Is it then a little wonder that the world is being thrown into so much turmoil, strife end economical upheaval? Beware, we should not play God or meddle with Mother Nature or what has been ordained from time immemorial. Calabash brings some stark evidence of love and to hold till death do us part. Read more about why Nigerian men are gunning for Sierra Leonean ladies. Is it because they know how to cook or what? But my vision also reveals that Sierra Leonean men are also gunning for Nigerian ladies. For proof of this keep in touch with Calabash for one of its own will soon wed a Nigerian damsel. Wow! I am overwhelmed and flabbergasted by what this voice is telling me to pack for my intended journey into the unknowns. Hold it; let me explain further before some of you start thinking otherwise. You know, when you are travelling you don’t want to forget the shampoos, toothbrush or shaving gel; the things that make your journey interesting, relaxing and comfortable. Calabash is the only showcase magazine in Sierra Leone promoting and rebranding our people and the land; therefore in this issue we bring to you the upcoming Sierra Leonean Celebrities and stars, and in Calabash’s fashion, style and music pages you will read about Sierra Leone Fans, our exclusive interview with Miss Africa USA, beautiful Sierra Leonean “Titi” upcoming musical and model idol Soniesha and more and more. Thank you for buying a copy of the calabash magazine, send us your letter and your thoughts on prominent or unsung Sierra Leoneans. Tell us what you like or dislike about calabash. By the way summer is almost upon us and most JC (Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora) are returning home. Don’t forget to add a copy of The Calabash magazine to your luggage essentials. Email me on: es nkole Jon Ba Chairman and Editor in Chief The Calabash Magazine The Calabash Magazine, the only Sierra Leonean showcase magazine., two time winner of the best written media Award; three times nominee for the best print media in the Excellency Awards, Nominee for the best print media@ All Works of Life Awards (United Kingdom) at Sierra Leone at 50. 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