Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 29

culture those who are put in the position of trust are accountable to the people. Calabash: If you were asked to be the president of your motherland what would you change? I will change the attitude of our nationals so that the country becomes the number one thing they think about each and every day. This emanates from top to bottom and I will ensure that every citizen participates in national development and reaps the benefit of the resources of the country. Calabash: If you can make a list of your achievements what would be first five items on your list and what would be your last? Firstly, being a good husband and father; secondly, my academic achievements which include being the first African to graduate with a doctorate in international relations from the University of Keele in England; thirdly, my contribution to the establishment of democratic governance in my country; fourthly, as president of the Fourah-Bay Foulah Town Collective in the UK and the organisation of the most successful outing of all Sierra Leoneans in the UK; and fifthly, serving as president of the old boys WAMC in the UK. Calabash: I phoned your home to arrange this interview and your daughter answered the phone. Tell me about your family. Are you married, and how many children do you have? I have been married to my wife for thirtysix years this year and we have been blessed with four children. I am very proud of my children’s achievements in their various fields. Most recently I have been blessed with twin grandsons. Calabash: As one of the elders in the UK Sierra Leonean community, what sort of advice have you got for the typical Sierra Leonean family who is struggling in maintaining a proper family life? First of all, they should not lose sight of their cultural heritage and emphasize the value of education to their children and encourage them to work hard. Calabash: Who inspired you when you were young and who do you consider your role model? My dad inspired me and became my role model. Calabash: What lesson has life taught you so far? Ex-pupils @ Centenary Thanksgiving service, Wesleyan Church, United Kingdom To work hard, dedicate oneself to one’s family and serve the community to the best of one’s ability. the respective council’s the right to refuse the family day out next time we write to ask if we can organise a trip to their beaches. Calabash: I learnt you were one of the founding fathers of the Fourah Bay Foulah Town association, give me an insight on the organisation. The Fourah-Bay Foulah town collective was set up to promote the social educational and cultural heritage of the descendants of the Fourah-bay Foulah town communities in the UK and in Freetown. Since it was set up, it has become a focal point of support for our people during times of joy and also times of adversity. Our members interact during festive seasons and also we organise outings that have enabled our people to go to different seaside towns in England at least once a year enabling them to have a wonderful day out. Calabash: And finally, if you were to be an animal what would you be and why? Lol. I would love to be lion because they are dedicated to their family and play a leadership role in the animal kingdom. I am dedicated to serving humankind. Calabash: Talking of outings, The Fourah Bay Foulah Town Association or organisation organises family day visits to the beachside town in the United Kingdom; why was the last outing so poorly planned and organised? The last outing was not organised by the Fourah-bay Foulah town collective, simply because it fell during the month of Ramadan. Calabash: If you were to improve on the planning of the beachside family day trip what would you improve? First of all, we have to improve on the coordination of the outing so that people should take responsibility for their waste. We go out to enjoy the day but we should be mindful of the people who live in those areas and not leave the beaches in a filthy state. It is a bad reflection on the organisers and the community as a whole. It also gives Dr Ousman Abdulai @ the Centenary Thanksgiving Service issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 27