Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 28

culture Choir of the West African Methodists Collegiate School Ex-pupils Association UK There has also been a proliferation of different organisations which are taking current members from the association. The association is seriously struggling from this. We are currently addressing this issue and are actively trying to get new members to join the association as well as enticing those who have left to return to the association. This is reflected in the current membership of the executive. Calabash: Have you made any significant impact on your mother land, if you have what sort of contribution? Dr Conteh: I am a democrat and a trained political scientist who believes that good governance is a recipe for development. I believe that government should be accountable to the people and lead the country towards socio-economic and political development. I am very pleased that I made a major contribution towards the transition from military rule to democratic governance in 1996 as a commissioner for democracy in the National Commission for Democracy (NCD). As an organisation the NCD was instrumental in the mobilisation of the citizens of Sierra Leone for democratic governance through-out the country. One of my major responsibilities in the commission was to implement the programmes of the commission in the Northern Province. I was also responsible for the production of all civic education materials nationally including the National Pledge which were disseminated throughout the country. 26 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine Calabash: How do you see Sierra Leone in the next 10 years and where do you see yourself in the future of S/Leone? Dr Conteh: I am very optimistic about the future of Sierra Leone. A step in the right direction would be to tap all the human and natural potentials of the country which is very easy to do if we have the right people in the right places. I believe that Sierra Leone would be highly placed in the community of nations in the next ten years. I see myself as playing a significant role in the development of the country just as I have done in the past. Calabash: Education is a key factor in Sierra Leone. What is your opinion about the current education status in your home land? Dr