Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 27

culture Interview with Dr Ousman Abdulai West African Collegiate School Ex- pupils Centenary Celebration Dr Ousman Abdulai @the West Africa Collegiate School Ex- pupils Association Centenary Thanksgiving service Calabash: What is your role in your Alumni, the West African Methodists Collegiate School? Dr Conteh: I am a past president and a fund-raiser of the association. As a very active member of the association I believe the association should support the school in Freetown. Our aim is to assist the School in projects that will enhance the functions of the school for its students. For example as president of the Alumni I presented science equipments to the school in Freetown at an assembly of past and present pupils. Recently we joined forces with the alumni association in the United States of America to paint the school. These are the sort o