Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 26

culture Calabash: Who inspired you when you were younger and who do you consider your role model? Ibrahim Dumbuya: I had always taken a keen interest in the law, and in Sierra Leone, it was someone like the late Berthan Macauley, Q.C. In the United Kingdom, it was Lord Denning. There is also the fictional lawyer in the Perry Mason novels as I read a lot of them during my school days in Sierra Leone. Calabash: What lesson has life has taught you so far? Ibrahim Dumbuya: Life has taught me to be patient and understanding; to be cool and calm under pressure, and to try and love and embrace everyone. Calabash: And finally, what is your opinion on the dysfunctional family in UK? Ibrahim Dumbuya: I see a lot of this in my area of practice as a Children Lawyer, and it is not healthy for the children who have to grow up within such a family as their chances of succeeding in life are severely restricted. There are families who find it difficult to break through the system of being brought up in the care system. Cross Section of the congregation at the the Old Edwardians Association Annual Thanksgiving Service Ex-pupils of Old Edwardian School United Kingdom 24 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine