Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 22

culture SIERRA LEONE AT FIFTY Major Milestone 1462 The Portuguese Pedro da Cintra landed on our shores and named the area Serra Lyoa meaning ‘Lion Mountains’. 1787 Arrival of a second batch of about 1200 freed slaves from Nova Scotia and 120 Europeans from England and Freetown was founded as a home for them by the Sierra Leone Company. 1799 Freetown was designated a Corporation with its own Mayor and Aldermen. The Sierra Leone peninsular was granted to the Sierra Leone Company by Royal Charter. 1800 550 Maroons together with a detachment of the King’s regiment arrived on the shores of Sierra Leone. 1808 The boundaries between Sierra Leone and Liberia were fixed ; Bai Bureh was crowned Paramount Chief of Kasseh while Madam Yoko was crowned Paramount Chief of the Kpa-Mendes. 50 11th May saw the arrival of 400 freed slaves and 60 whites from England. The group was granted land by King Tom and Granville Town was established. 1792 1885 1893 The Freetown Municipal Council was created. 1895 Sir Samuel Lewis became the first Sierra Leonean to be given a knighthood. 1896 Sir Milton Margai, First Prime minister of Sierra Leone and former Sierra Leone High Commissioner Dr. Kelfa Caulker. 1898 the ‘...Athens of West Africa’ still rang true. But did it mark the turning point when everything started to go south? The hinterland of Sierra Leone was designated a British Protectorate. An uprising against the imposition of a country-wide tax, known as the Hut Tax War was led by Paramount Chief Bai Bureh. 1931 Diamond deposits were discovered in Sierras Leone while a head count put the country’s population at 1.77million. 1934 Sierra Leone became a British Crown Colony. Introduction of a broadcasting serviceanother first for Sa Leone. 1821 1951 The Gold Coast (now Ghana)and the Gambia which, together with Sierra Leone formed British West Africa, were administered from Freetown where the Governor was based. 1827 An Institution which was created by the Church Missionary Society(CMS) in 1814 to train teachers and clergy was re-established at Fourah Bay (presently the Deep Water Quay area)as Fourah Bay College; this was the first western style Institution for higher learning in sub- Saharan Africa. 1845 The Sierra Leone People’s Party was formed with Dr Milton Margai as its leader 1967 The Legislative Council was transformed into the House of Representatives. Another political party, the United Progressive Party(UPP) with its core support in the Colony was launched. 1957 1968 1956 First parliamentary elections held in Sierra Leone won by the SLPP. 1960 The Lancaster House conference on the issue of independence for Sierra Leone was held in London and Sir Milton Margai was appointed Prime Minister. Fourah Bay College achieved University status. 1849 1961 20 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine May- The country held its first general elections as an independent nation which were won by the SLPP with Sir Milton still as Prime Minister. The then outspoken critic of the government, Siaka Stevens, launched his own party known as the All People’s Congress(APC)which was based in the northern part of the country. 196 - Sir Milton died leaving his half brother in the role of Prime Minister. Closely contested elections won by Siaka Stevens who was immediately ousted and put under house arrest by Brigadier David Lansana. On 23rd March, senior army officers comprising the National Reformation Council(NRC) under Brigadier Andrew Juxon Smith overthrew David Lansana and took over the government. The first person of African descent was appointed Governor of Sierra Leone. The CMS Grammar School was founded for educating boys. The first institution for the education of females, later to be name