Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 18

culture St Joseph’s Secondary School Ex-Pupil’s Association 25th Anniversary L ast year St Joseph’s Secondary Ex Pupils Association United Kingdom Branch celebrated in grand style the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Association which was founded by some patriotic ladies, former students of the school in Freetown Sierra Leone. Although some of the founding members were not around to participate in the various activities marking the unique occasion, they were equally honoured at a grand dinner dance culminating in the celebrations held at the St Mary Hall, New Camberwell Road, in South East London. The following founder members Mrs Olive the Association’s first president, now the keeper of the purse (treasurer ) Mrs Jane Parpar, auditor, Mrs Marvella McEwen, pastoral officer, and Mrs Emma Shoboyede an ex officio member were present at the dance to receive their well deserved awards. Others such as Mrs Eileen Cole, Mrs Hannah Davies, Mrs Alicia Cole, Mrs Elicia Jones, Mrs Doris Smith and Mrs Georgiana Wilson, founder members of the Association, also received awards. Family members of the following deceased members received awards on their behalf : Mrs Lovette Risch in whose house 16 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine St Joseph’s Secondary School Ex-pupils Association @luncheon sale the association was formed in 1986, Mrs Madonna Jarette-Thorpe, who during their life time donated one of the top prizes for the raffle during the Association’s annual dance, a donation her son Mr Jarrett-Thorpe continues to honour. Calabash would not be doing justice to the Association if the names of these ladies working relentlessly to keep the flames of the Association burning were not mentioned. The present social secretary, Mrs Valerie Kabba who always makes sure events are properly catered for and keeps abreast with the activities of other associations, the Vice President Mrs Maddonna Johnson who had served as President but is always willing to step into the breach whenever any situation arises. Ms Sandra Floode, the Association’s current Present could well be described as the Association’s backbone as she relentlessly works hard to hold it in one piece and maintain decorum at meetings and other activities. The pastoral officer Mrs Marvella McEwen always ensures that anniversaries like birthdays, funerals and other occasions affecting members are marked by the appropriate cards. Others who have contributed to the