Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 17

business Leone from a down -trodden country to one of and stability and progress, winning the admiration of many. In his address, President Ernest Bai Koroma expressed his appreciation to the entire Sierra Leonean Community in the UK as well as those who had travelled from other parts of the Diaspora, foreign business associates and other dignitaries who have associated with the efforts to rebuild Sierra Leone. He said that the initiative taken by all to come together to transform the country was vividly expressed in the number of people at the meeting. The President told the gathering that he had always campaigned on a platform of change for a better Sierra Leone and emphasized that he was elected as a President for the whole of Sierra Leone and not as a President of any political party, and as such he is answerable to all the resilient people of Sierra Leone who had suffered so much untold atrocities during the war. Sierra Leonean footballer Carlton Cole - West Ham United High Commissioner of United Kingdom and Ireland HE Edward Turay (right) and HRH Dr YF Bala Tonglele (left) Dr Koroma said that the setting up of the Open Government Initiative which comprise of civil society and other national organisations is to monitor and review the activities and performances of all government ministers and other government functionaries, including himself, to ensure transparency. The President said that after his election, he made a very ambitious commitment that during his first hundred days in office he would provide the city with twenty-four electricity supply, which was done He spoke of the Bare-foot Solar Project undertaken in India whereby elderly women are trained to make such solar panels. Some elderly persons from Sierra Leone have therefore been sent to India to train in the project and on their return to Sierra Leone, will in turn train other elderly women in the community to build such solar panels to provide electricity supply to about 149 chiefdoms in the provinces, such a project would greatly contribute towards the provision of cheap energy to large parts of the hinterland. Young dancers in gara tops and grass skirts.... issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 15