Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 14

business By Daisy Bona REFLECTIONS ON A NEW SIERRA LEONE ENOEL ARREIS WEN A NO SNOITCELFER High Commissioner of United Kingdom and Ireland HE Edward Turay President of Sierra Leone HE DR Ernest Bai Koroma S ierra Leone is gearing towards systematic steps aimed at addressing the root causes of conflict and tackling long-term development challenges. Such steps… ‘must also be geared towards strengthening national institutions, promoting national reconciliation and building of trust through effective communication, dialogue and attitudinal change that will strengthen the resolve of the people of Sierra Leone to continue to choose peace’. Fine words from the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, a country that has just celebrated fifty years as an Independent nation. But then if we are to be honest with ourselves, then we cannot but accept the fact that during this W&