Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 13

business I believe that to get motivation you have to love what you do and the inspiration then comes naturally . I always had a passion for telecommunications and find myself very much inspired in this field. Calabash: How have you kept yourself going during the downward trends of business? That reminds me of the time we were in Exile in Conakry. I stayed at the Yugoslav Embassy, and of course I was unemployed. One of my twin daughters calls from overseas to tell me ( she was 23 then) …”Daddy I know it is tough for you out there , I called to tell you that I am working now and I can send something if you ever are in need “ .I shall never forget those few words from my own daughter …the message sends chills down my spine every time I think about it …. Calabash: Have you ever been married? Oh yes, to Sabahitta Radmilovic a Bosnian Citizen from former Yugoslavia. Calabash: How many children do you have? I have 3 girls, 2 of them are Twins. Calabash: What sort of a husband and father would you describe yourself to be? I would ask that question to my wife and daughters. I personally believe I have always given them the affection and education they deserved. However, I give more credit to my wife for the upbringing of my kids and devoting all her time and energy to bring them up as decent adults, and the results: They have graduated from the best Universities and are happily married. Calabash: Has your family ever lived in Sierra Leone? If yes, for how long? They were first in Freetown in 1975, and then back in 1985. Then they left as the Kids had to enter University .The eldest Natalia, went to Buckingham University and got her MBA from the University of MONTREAL CANADA. The twins got their BSC Mass COMM, from the LAU (Lebanese American University) Extra curricula activities Calabash: You have so much energy and love for life. How do you keep yourself going and what do you do to relax? I love watching TV , News ,Documentaries, main sporting events , I play lawn as well as table Tennis , I did Skiing in my youth days , now I do virtual tennis at home and love Piloting my favorite Jet on the PC. Yes, Photography, both Still and Movie is a passion since I was 16 when I got my first Super 8 Movie Camera . I also contributed to the candid camera page of some local papers depicting some of the areas needing urgent attention in the field of Hygiene , safety and community services such as Water supply , electricity supply , garbage collection etc… Old monuments are a true inspiration for me , have an eagerness to explore what is beneath the ancient historical treasures . Calabash: You seem to have a love affair with gadgets. Why are you intrigued by gadgets/technology? This passion accompanied me right from my childhood , anything goes wrong in the house , my late Mum would call out my name ignoring all 7 others .I love anything to do with technology , new inventions etc…It keeps me abreast of happenings in a world of the bursting technological race . Calabash: Give me an idea of the sort of gadgets you like to indulge in? What is your most expensive gadget? I do spend a lot of time playing my Flight Simulator, Virtual Tennis on WII and watching Home 3 D movies while shooting 3D movies myself. I would say the most expensive one is the 3D as it is still a new technology, eventually like all others it will get cheaper. Charity/Humanitarian work Calabash: How did you become interested in charity work? I cannot remember that there was any particular date when my interest was born, I believe it is within my daily association with people that are less privileged and it was always a natural reaction to their plea. Calabash: Give me an idea of the different projects you have been involved in? This is a long story; some of our work is seen on the Pikin Bizness website Calabash: Why is it important for you to do all this? Is it rewarding? This is a question which I have been asked multitude of times and I always said simply “ I love what I do and the reward is indeed great” ,Do you know what it means when a mother whose child is condemned to die is operated on overseas through the good contacts of humanitarians like David Apple field , Dr. Desmond Olu-Black and others; and a bit of financial sacrifice on my part: the Child is cured! That mother tells you ‘GOD BLESS YOU SIR’ this is different from the “God Bless you” you hear every day. This comes rightout of the depths of her heart. Moreover I am blessed with a wonderful family; my kids are happy, successful and healthy …what more do I want as a reward Calabash: There are critics and cynics who would negatively interpret all this as attention seeking/publicity seeking and would even crucify you for spending time, money and resources, as well as questioning your motives. How would you answer such people? I believe this is the price you pay for being a public figure ,.However to reply to your question I would just ask any of those critics a simple question ‘ If the Kid saved was your brother or sister or maybe your son would you still have that reaction ?” Calabash: You have received a number of awards in recognition of your humanitarian work. Please name them. *Philanthropist Of The Year for 9 times, 7 of them consecutively from AWOl and Sierra Leone Excellence AWARDS and other Institutions in 1995 and 2004-2005-2006-2007-20082009-2010 *GOODWILL AMBASSADOR from CIVITAN USA I had the honor to receive this one together with Miss Christiana THORPE Chairlady NEC *Degree of Doctor in Civil Law (Honorius Causa) from the University of Sierra Leone signed by President Ernest Koroma Chancellor. I received this one together with H.E. Kabral Blay-Amihere, High Commissioner of Ghana to Sierra Leone 2007 *West African Youth Friendly Plaque 2011 *TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARDS Certificate of Outstanding Leadership ACCRA GHANA 2011 *TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARDS Certificate of Extraordinary Achievement ACCRA GHANA 2011 Calabash: How have you felt every time you receive an award or recognition for your work? A great sigh of relief for being recognized. Gratitude is a wonderful virtue. Calabash: Adonis some people say, they would love to give back to society but lack the resources. What would you advise they do? I have said it before, if we look at what we waste in our daily life, a tiny portion of that cannot harm us and will make someone smile. As Khalil Gibran said “ GENEROSITY IS GIVING MORE THAN YOU CAN AND PRIDE IS TAKING LESS THAN YOU NEED ‘ Calabash: Are Sierra Leoneans appreciative and supportive of your work? Sierra Leoneans are generally grateful people. (ED.PART TWO NEXT ISSUE!) Dr Adonis Abboud met with President Nkrumah issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 11