Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 101

international The Perfect Plan The film is about: Eric, who intends to divorce his wife due to her lasciviousness but she refuses to give him a divorce. Her late dad left a huge sum of money and a massive estate in her name, so she is spending money frivolously. Eric arranges for a friend to allow his so-called wife to fall in love with him so that he would have good grounds for a divorce. The plan works, wife falls in love with the friend and Eric becomes jealous and asks his friend to discontinue the agreement but the friend refuses and the love between the wife and his friend is blossoming. Eric then embarks on a plan, sets this friend up and achieves a positive result.  The main character is Adeyemi Lardner a Sierra Leonean born actor. Supporting actress is Victoria Kabia Kamara and Papa Tee is the composer of the opening party song. All the casts in the movie apparently live in America and they are all professional actors originally from Sierra Leone. The producer of the film is Collins Archie-Pearce In summary the film is one of the best Sierra Leonean have produce. It is good to watch the movie or own a copy in the movie library. Read more in our next issue when Calabash meets with the key players and the Producer of Perfect Plan.   issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 99