Cake! magazine by Australian Cake Decorating Network May 2019 Cake! Magazine - Page 32

Kate Matheson interview with PRESENTS Dawn Butler COMING JUNE 2019 BOOK NOW Young Entrepreneur: An Interview with Kate Matheson of Cake Creations by Kate Written by Kellie Rudland At just 19, Kate Matheson opened her first store. Now in her early 20s and the owner of two stores and several pop ups, Kate has ridden the ups and downs that come with building a successful cake business. We chatted with Kate about her journey and what she’s learned so far. You credit your grandma with encouraging you to start baking as a child. What were your favourite things to bake together? We used to always make ‘patty cakes’ or ‘fairy cakes’. They were so delicious and I loved being able to lick the spatula! When did you decide that you wanted to bake as a career? I really only fully decided at the end of my year 12 exams. I was undecided for so long, but when my grandma passed away during my exams, it gave me an extra push of motivation to live her legacy.