Cake! magazine by Australian Cake Decorating Network May 2019 Cake! Magazine - Page 20

American Buttercream Recipe You will need: Materials Step 12: Step 11: Make up a batch of your favourite buttercream (I used American buttercream) and use gel colours to tint. Divide in to piping bags fitted with a variety of piping tips. I used 2D (closed star), 195 (pastry tip), 126 (petal tip). I started by icing my cupcake in white buttercream, using a small palette knife to smooth it on. Using the 126 tip, position the larger opening of the tip at the bottom. Step 13: Pipe a ruffle by moving the tip in a side to side motion, keeping the wider part of the tip positioned at the bottom. • 500g salted butter, softened • 1kg icing sugar mixture • Boiling water • Flavouring of choice • Gel colouring • Using a paddle attachment, beat the butter until smooth and pale. Gradually add the icing sugar, adding 1-2 tablespoons of boiling water at a time as required. Add flavour to taste and add gel colour until desired shade is achieved. BUTTERCREAM TIPS: • I like to use salted butter as this helps to cut through the sweetness of the sugar. • Using boiling water helps to dissolve any graininess from the icing sugar. I like to use water instead of milk as this extends the shelf life of the buttercream. • I use icing sugar mixture for cupcakes as I like the buttercream to maintain a soft crust. Using pure icing sugar will result in a firmer crust. • Keep in mind that colours will deepen overnight, so don’t be too heavy-handed when colouring your buttercream. • If you find that your buttercream has a yellow tone, either whiten with gel colour or titanium dioxide prior to colouring. Yellow tones can also be counteracted by adding a tiny amount (a spot on the end of a toothpick is plenty) of purple gel prior to colouring your buttercream. Yellow and purple are opposites on the colour wheel, so this is why balancing the colour will bring it back to a whiter base. Step 14: Step 15: Using the 195 piping tip, pipe a small rosette. I started at the inside and worked my way out to ensure it stayed flat. Using the 2D piping tip, pipe a small rosette. Again, I started at the inside and worked my way out to ensure it stayed flat. Using Edible Art Paint or gel colour, paint on some abstract spots and stripes on the remaining white section.