Cake! magazine by Australian Cake Decorating Network May 2019 Cake! Magazine - Page 12

Step 20: Step 19: Step 18: Step 17: Remove the fondant from the bag and roll, keeping the wider part at the inner base. Take three 5mm balls of fondant and place in the ziplock bag. Firmly smooth each one in a circular motion, creating three petals. Attach each petal to the rose centre, tucking each one underneath the neighbouring petal. Repeat this process to create more buds as desired. Dust your lace pattern with the titanium dioxide and use the roseĀ gold mixture from theĀ previous design to paint the pearls. Attach your rose buds with a little water. NEW FANCY SPRINKLES Step 21: Assembly I like to give my domes 24 hours to set so that they maintain their shape when being removed from the formers. Pipe or spread on some buttercream or ganache to the top of your prepared cupcake. Gently sit the cupcake dome on top, ensuring no buttercream or ganache is visible. f www TALL GLITTER CANDLES