Cake! magazine by Australian Cake Decorating Network May 2019 Cake! Magazine - Page 10

Step 2: Roll out your medium grey fondant to a 3mm thickness and place over your silicone lace mat. Roll firmly to emboss the pattern on to your fondant. Using a circle cutter, cut circles appropriate to the size of your cupcakes. I like to use a 8cm cutter for my domes (I use cupcake liners with a base measurement of 55mm). The domes will need to be quite a bit larger than the top of your cupcake to account for the height of the dome. Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Using a little water, adhere the moulded pieces down one side of a cupcake dome. Place the larger pieces first, and fill any gaps with smaller pieces. Continue filling spaces until one third of the top has been covered. Take some titanium dioxide and brush over the embossed section of fondant, highlighting the lace pattern. Step 1: Step 3: Grease your styrofoam domes with cooking spray or vegetable shortening. Gently lay your prepared circles on the domes, being careful to tidy up the bottoms so that they are horizontal. Step 4: Take your assorted silicone moulds and start pressing in pieces of your light grey fondant to form shapes. A mixture of sizes is important so that any gaps are filled. Step 11: Mix some silver lustre and titanium dioxide together to form a light silver. Brush this over the bas relief section to add some shimmer. Mix some rose gold lustre with titanium Step 10: dioxide to form a lighter shade of rose gold. Mix Cut a thin band (4mm) of light grey fondant and with a little rose spirit to form a paint, and paint place around the edge the band with a small of the dome. Trim the ends with a sharp knife. brush. Step 8: Step 13: Step 14: Step 15: Step 16: Mix black petal dust and titanium dioxide to form a mid-grey tone. Brush this over your bas relief section to give dimension. Take your ball tool and foam pad and firmly thin and frill the edges of each strip. Using a little water, adhere your first strip to the very edge of your cupcake dome. I like to roughly pleat my frills as I go. Repeat this process with another 3-4 ruffles, placing each one a little further across the cupcake. Use a pearl mould (I used a double border mould) and attach at the edge of the ruffles. Take a small sausage of light pink fondant and place inside a ziploc bag. Using your thumb, apply firm pressure to the outside of the bag. Run your thumb down one side of the sausage, thinning one side and leaving the other rounded. Step 9: Step 12: Now, let’s work on the other cupcake dome. Roll out some light grey fondant very thinly (1mm) and cut in to 1.5cm x 10cm strips.