Cake! magazine by Australian Cake Decorating Network Februrary 2019 Cake! Magazine - Page 54

Q&A Q&A with Amber Comadira-Smith of Commie’s Cupcakes Amber shares her design expertise so that you can become the master cake decorator you’ve always wanted to be! How can I stand out in the cake crowd? I feel like my cakes look the same as everyone else. - Anastasia I completely understand how you’re feeling! The key is not be- ing afraid to experiment. Teach yourself to be ok with making mistakes and take that leap of faith to try something daring and different to the norm. Creative growth can be hard at times, but it’s SO rewarding. Make sure to also brainstorm and seek out inspiration from other industries. For me personally, I find that seeking inspi- ration from other cake decorators actually stunts my creative thinking. I currently seek inspiration from unique home decor and polymer clay jewellery.