CAA Saskatchewan Summer 2018 - Page 50

By the Way the “Paris of the Prairies,” but you’ll find a true piece of Paris in the village of Montmartre. An hour east of Regina, along Highway 48, stands an 8.5-metre- high replica of the Eiffel Tower. Rising proudly at the end of Montmartre’s Main Street, the 1,088-kilogram steel structure was built in 2009 by former resident and businessman Mallory Englot. While the fun roadside attraction is SaSkatoon iS often called 50 Summer 2018 cAA SaSkatchewan a must-see when passing through town, it’s more than just a display. The tower was built to commemorate the area’s original settlers. In 1893, three families travelled across the Atlantic from Montmartre, France. They built simple pit houses that first year, braving the bitter cold of a Saskatchewan winter—all in the hopes of beginning a prosperous new life here on the Prairies. —Ashlyn George Paris of the Prairies