CAA Saskatchewan Summer 2018 - Page 19

drive Coming up next issue… Plan your next adventure! Jane Smith @Janesmith41 On a 20 minute drive I only remember getting in the car & parking. Don’t know how I’m still alive & still can’t remember the drive Explore the Galapagos Cruise from Munich to Milan Don’t Drive High A new social media campaign shows the dangers of cannabis-impaired driving of cann- abis isn’t just dangerous: It’s stupid. CAA research shows that more than 20 percent of Canadian youth think that they are as good or better behind the wheel while driving high. This group is also most likely to say they have been in a vehicle with a high driver. To better educate young Canadians, CAA’s first campaign about the danger of cannabis-impaired driving debuted this past winter on social media. The campaign has proven successful, with more than half a million views in its first few weeks. Using real comments from young people, it underscores the fact that if you’re high, you’re impaired. The com- ments begin as lighthearted stories of crazy things the posters have done while high. The zany antics end by ask- ing, “If weed does this to your thinking, Driving unDer the influence what does it do to your driving?” Targeting young Canadians, the campaign seeks to use humour to show drivers that judgment becomes impaired when you’re high. And without good judgment, you should never get behind the wheel. When it comes to driving, CAA believes everyone should treat marijuana like alcohol: If you indulge, don’t drive. Take a taxi, organize a designated driver or stay over. Use the same strategies you would use if you were alcohol-impaired. CAA’s commitment to road safety runs deep and we will continue this campaign throughout 2018. We’ll also be looking for opportunities to address more mature drivers as Canada gets ready to legalize cannabis this year. A Croatian bucket list Look for the next issue this August in your mailbox or at your local CAA Store