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Save with CAA Members save 10% with Brandon’s Good to Go Home check Insurance IQ getsmart innovations in smart home security keep you safe and savvy By carly Peters Home security systems used to mean clunky keypads and confusing codes. But with an explosion of smart home technology, security systems now seamlessly integrate into sleek hubs and apps. While much of the new tech appeals to the DiY set, professionally installed systems come with added benefits. “Monitored systems can save you from five to 15 percent on your home insurance,” explains scott Maclaren, a caa Manitoba insurance Broker. Here’s a look at some of the latest security innovations. See and Say KeyleSS freedom In full vIew lIfe on the InSIde Sub In hubS real people, real Safety Video doorbells let you see, hear and speak to visitors at your door through an app (your phone will alert you when someone pushes the bell). it also records people that ring the bell while you’re away. some systems offer additional options like motion detection and two-way audio. some smart home locks let you lock and unlock doors with your phone, and feature apps that log who comes and goes based on personalized codes. others feature keyless touchpads or will automatically lock/unlock when you move outside a predefined perimeter with your phone. outdoor secu- rity cameras send alerts to your phone the moment someone approaches your door or when they spot activity in the yard. High- tech models include night vision, floodlights or porch lights, and can tell the difference between a passing car, animal and person. interior Wi-Fi cams stream video to your phone and send alerts for motion or noise detection. some feature two-way talk, night vision, and differentiation between people and pets. You can also set tailored alerts for things like kids coming home or an elderly parent not getting out of bed in the morning. With multiple home gadgets, you may need a centralized control system. a smart home hub con- nects all of your devices, giving you one app that acts as a universal remote. it also automates gad- gets—for example, unlock a smart lock and the lights in your entryway will automatically turn on. planning on being away a few days? a requirement of home insur- ance coverage is having someone checking on your home on a regular basis. Good to Go Home check and commissionaires Manitoba will do interior and exterior property checks and send status reports while you’re on vacation. cAA MANITOBA WINTER 2018 19