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Wiper know-how and the benefits of travel insurance How often should I change my windshield wipers? Windshield wipers help provide adequate visibility on the road— though many drivers take them for granted. People are usually surprised to learn that wiper blades should be replaced every six to 12 months, as they deteriorate during the extreme temperatures of winter and summer. And debris like sand, mud, dust and even car oils or waxes can weaken the rubber squeegee. Get blades checked every six months and replace them if they’re cracked, torn, bent or have stopped functioning properly. Watch for trouble signs: wipers leaving a portion of the windshield wet or causing 10 Winter 2018 CAA Manitoba ed FraNz Supervisor/service advisor, automotive services Debris like sand, mud, dust and even car oils or waxes can weaken the rubber streaks and smears. The blade might also create friction with the windshield, resulting in a scraping or chattering sound. To help maintain your blades, avoid using your wipers to de-ice the windshield, which can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Instead, use an ice scraper or your vehicle’s defroster to melt snow and ice. Pulling the blades away from the windshield when your car is not in use during the winter can also prevent ice build-up on the rubber. And help your wipers last longer by cleaning your windshield every time you gas up. Replacing wiper blades should be a regular part of your vehicle maintenance in order to maximize your visibility and everyone’s safety on the road. When we people talk about travel insurance, it usually refers to emergency Novella laNder medical travel Travel consultant insurance. and it makes sense to purchase: a medical emergency outside of Manitoba can lead to astronomical costs. that’s why policies can go up $5 million CaD for coverage. but it’s important to note that just because you purchased travel insurance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your travel losses are covered. Upon purchasing a policy, be sure to review all coverages, benefits and exclusions. Caa Manitoba travel insur- ance plans include: vacation, annual vacation or non-medical vacation. a vacation plan covers medical emergencies for a set period of time, such as one week-long trip, while an annual plan covers you for multiple vacations each year. if you want the peace of mind that comes with greater coverage, you can purchase baggage and personal-effects insurance. this non-medical vacation plan covers the loss of or damage to your baggage and personal effects due to theft, burglary, fire or transportation hazards during the covered trip. When purchasing a plan like this, make sure you’re aware of coverage limits and all exclusions: not all losses are protected. For example, cash, currency or credit card loss wouldn’t be covered. To learn more: Ask the experts If something is stolen from my hotel room, will it be covered by travel insurance?