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“13 THINGS YOUR LOCKSMITH DIDN’T TELL YOU” BY MICHELLE CROUCH, ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN READER’S DIGEST. COPYRIGHT © 2011 BY TRUSTED MEDIA BRANDS, INC. USED BY PERMISSION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. (ILLUSTRATION) A-DIGIT/GETTY; (LOCK) JODI JACOBSON/ISTOCK Beware of scam artists You might find a locksmith online or in the phone book advertising a great price. But when he or she shows up, you suddenly have a special lock that can’t be picked, so it has to be drilled open to fit a pricey replacement lock. You’ll get a secure lock— along with a huge bill. Ensure your locksmith is both bonded and reputable. Save and Secure Feel secure and save with CAA locksmiths SECURITY Take Stock of Your Locks Expert tips to keep your home and valuables secure BY MICHELLE CROUCH MOST OF US THINK a lock is a lock. But in reality, a good lock is your home’s first line of defense. Try these tips to protect everything you keep under lock and key. The nuts and bolts Locksmiths routinely find problems with the deadbolt. If it isn’t installed correctly, it won’t protect you. A properly installed deadbolt should have at least one inch of “throw”—the bar that goes into the wall when you turn your key. The “strike side” (where the throw enters the door frame to lock) should be fastened using a security plate with screws at least three inches long going into the wall. New home, new keys When you buy a new house or condo, always get your locks rekeyed. Otherwise there’s probably a master key somewhere out there that can be used to open the door. WD-40 can help If your key won’t turn, try WD-40 or silicone spray. Sometimes the pins get jammed up, and spray can often solve the problem. Don’t trust the stamp Keys marked “do not duplicate” get duplicated all the time. Ask your locksmith to provide high-security locks with keys that can’t be copied. Key mastery Sometimes you want someone to have a key to your home: a contractor, housekeeper, babysitter or repairman. Ask your locksmith to key your door so that your master key works on both the doorknob and the deadbolt, but the spare key works just on the doorknob. On the day the service provider comes, lock only the knob. Car keys? No problem Don’t believe dealership claims that only they can duplicate your keys. Locksmiths who specialize in auto work, like those at CAA, can usually make you a key—and often at a cheaper rate. CAA Manitoba offers residential locksmith service in Winnipeg. Bonded and insured locksmiths can rekey existing locksets and deadbolts, and cut extra keys. They can also install new hardware, including deadbolts, push-button deadbolts, door knobs, level sets, lock boxes, door wraps and security strike plates. CAA members save on mobile service charges and labour costs, and get a 10% discount on hardware. For a free quote or to book an appointment, call 204 262 6266 CAA MANITOBA SPRING 2016 19