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auto IQ we’ve got you covered s c i s a B ttery Basics BaBattery What you need to know about one ofto your vehicle’s mostone you need know about important components What of your vehicle’s most important tktk By Craig Moy By Craig Moy let’s get started Your BatterY is at the heart of your vehicle: Its stored energy is essential for starting the engine. After that, it complements (and is recharged by) the alternator as a power source for everything from lights to infotainment systems. Treat it with care—and heed these warning signs so you know when to get a new one. Battery-related issues account for a significant portion of CAA Manitoba’s monthly service calls. One way we’ve worked to make those calls more efficient (and convenient) is with our dedicated CAA Battery Service. Available by appointment to members in the Winnipeg and Brandon areas, the non-emergency service includes on-thespot battery testing by a trained CAA technician. If you’re In need of a replacement, choose a high-quality CAA premium battery: Delivery and installation is included in the already competitive price. You’ll also get the peace of mind of an industry-leading six-year warranty, which includes free replacement if your battery fails within its first three years. signs your battery May need testing It’s more than three years old. Batteries lose capacity over time. In Manitoba, a typical battery lasts three to five years. engine is slow to turn over. It takes 175 to 250 amps of battery power to get a car going. A sluggish start could mean an insufficient charge. Call 204-262-6111 (Winnipeg) or 1-800222-4357 (Brandon) to schedule a service call, or see caamanitoba.com/ battery to get a quote for a new battery Batteries lose juice Headlights dim while idling. When idle, a car may draw more power than the alternator alone can produce, so your battery kicks in. Dim lights could mean a drained battery. digital systems power down quickly. Radio, GPS and other accessories use battery power when the engine is off. Performance issues suggest a depleted battery. cold care Freezing temperatures limit starting power. Plug in your block heater at -15 C and below. Your battery will have an easier time starting a warm engine. CAA-branded batteries are Z[][\[YX[[\˂][[[\K]H]\H[\Y[H۸&]^X]B܈ۙ\[و[YK][\\H]\x&\˜\H\XZ[Z[Y]]\ܘYBYK^HۙH][BXH\XH[H܂H[\XH]\B\XHٙ\[ۘ[ ]\HPHPSUАBS MB