CAA Manitoba Fall 2018 - Page 8

& 6 $ Save & Earn INCLUDES: Up to 5L of Valvoline oil, filter, lube and service check. Most cars. Limited time offer with this coupon. Plus taxes and enviro. Offer not valid with any other offer. Expires December 31, 2018. US-V-9773-EN ©2018 Vavoline 7/18 TM Trademark, Valvoline or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries. CAA Members always SAVE 20% * or more, plus EARN 3% in CAA Dollars ® . With indoor valet, you drop off and pick up you "fV6P6FRFR6V7W&Rf6ƗGvrBFRG&VP6'27FrW@W&R2ƗB66RFגv"RVWFRW2@&BW"6fVVB6V`&6Ff6B&'6f 6Ff&F"FfWrW"V&W"&FRf6DFWG&DW26У#ӃCrӓ#"WBF66VBfb&VwV"&6&FW2W7B&W6VBfƖB4V&W'66&B *G&FR&2vVB'BW6R2w&FV@'FR6FWF&R766FB(J%G&FR&2`FR6FWF&R766FffW"2BƖ6&PvFW&֖W2&w&B6B&R6&VBvF琦FW"ffW""F66VB6W'F6FF2ǐ