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Mill Royd Mill Apartments Brighouse / United Kingdom Appartements Mill Royd Mill Brighouse / Royaume-Uni Cartwright Pickard Architects were appointed following a competitive interview for the masterplanning and scheme design for the conversion of a 19th-century former textile mill into an award-winning waterside residential scheme which has helped to stimulate the resurgence of the West Yorkshire town of Brighouse. This ambitious scheme involved the conversion of a seven-storey mill into 134 apartments that included one-and-two bedroom units, studio apartments and top floor duplexes. It is situated on Mill Royd Island – a spectacular peninsula site located between the River Calder, the Calder and Hebble Navigation Canal and a working canal basin. Features of Mill Royd Mill include a swimming pool and fitness suite on the ground floor, exposed natural stonework, and dramatic floor-to-ceiling heights in each apartment. The project won Transformation of the Year at the Yorkshire Residential Property Awards, the NHBC’s North of England Pride Award and has been shortlisted for a number of others. The design for this scheme retains the character of the original mill and yet has created a stylish, modern living environment which is sympathetic to its waterside location. The project highlights new contemporary insertions including a highly glazed roof top, new architectural steelwork and new internal partitions contrasting with the existing stonework and cast iron columns. More than 300 sliding patio doors were specified throughout, giving large glazed openings to make the most of the views from each apartment, all of which overlook the river or canal. Visible grid curtain walling with 5m-high spans was used for the duplex penthouses. Le cabinet Cartwright Pickard Architects a été engagé après un entretien de sélection pour la conception de l’aménagement et du plan des travaux de reconversion d’une ancienne fabrique textile du 19e siècle en un quartier résidentiel plébiscité, en bordure de rivière, qui a contribué à la reprise économique de la ville de Brighouse, dans le West Yorkshire. Cet ambitieux plan de réaménagement a supposé la rec ??fW'6???N( ?V?Rf'&?VRFR6WB :?FvW2V?3B'FV?V?G2FRV?R :FWW?6??'&W2?FW27GVF??2WBFW2GW?W?RFW&??W" :?FvR??( ????WV&?R6RG&?WfR7W"?( ?:??RFR???&??B?V?R :????7V?R7V7F7V??&R6?G\:?RV?G&R?&?f?:?&R6?FW"??R6??FR?f?vF???V?G&R?R6?FW"WB?( ??V&&?R?WBV?&76??GR6????W2 :?V?V?V?G2GR???&??B???6??&V??V?BV?R?66??RfV26??RFR7?'G2R&W??FR?6?W7<:?R?FW2&Wl:?FV?V?G2V??W'&R?GW&V??RWBFW2?WFWW'2FR?f??B7V7F7V??&W2F?26?VR'FV?V?B??R&??WBvv?:??R&?? :?G&?6f?&?F???FR?( ???:?RGR6??6?W'2??&?6??&R&W6?FV?F??&?W'G?v&G2??R??$>( ?2??'F??bV?v??B&?FRv&BWB?? :?L:?????:? :FR???'&WW?WG&W2&????6??6WF???FR6????&W?6R7W"?W26&7L:?&?7F?VW2FR?( ??6?V??Rf'&?VR?WB?R&??WBL:??:,:?W76? :7,:?W"V?6G&RFRf?R7G??:?WB??FW&?RF?WBV?&W7V7F?B?R6?FRV?&?&GW&RFR&?f?:?&R??R&??WB?WBV?f?WW"FR??WfVW? :??:??V?G2&??W7VV?2V?FW&??W" :?FvRW?w&?FW2&?W2f?G,:?W2?V?R??WfV??R7G'V7GW&R&6??FV7GW&?RV?6?W"WBFR??WfV??W26???6??2??L:?&?WW&W2V???6?F???W??W'&W2L:??:W??7F?FW2WBW?6?????W2V?f??FR??W2FR3&?W26?V?76?FW2??B :?L:??<:?W2F?2F?WB?( ?V?6V?&?R?6RV?6??l:?&RFRw&?FW2?WfW'GW&W2f?G,:?W2WBFR7WW&&W2gVW2?6?VR'FV?V?BF????B7W"?&?f?:?&R?R?R6???V??W"?&?FVR :w&???R&V?FR?N( ?V?R?'L:?RFRR?FR?WB? :?L:??<:??W"?W2'FV?V?G2 :F?V&?R?WFWW"?3@???