BWS issue 36 November December 2015 - Page 41

lifestyle BUSINESS WOMEN SCOTLAND 39 ask the expert JL FORMULATIONS • Tel: 0141 616 9010• Bonnylands, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 6XD Joan Robertson is CEO of JL Formulations and is a Skin Guru. Email Joan with your skin queries and she will answer in following issues of BWS magazine. e: Autumn skin changes Just as our clothes start to change from sandals to boots, skirts to trousers, short sleeves to long sleeves, you have to realise that your skin is changing too during Autumn. Spf Firstly, the sun is low in the sky and the main thing to grasp is that you still should be applying your spf 30 tinted moisturiser every day! When you are walking or running, when you manage to play golf (some BWS girls live at the coast lol!), even when you are driving the car – UV rays are going to be absorbed by your skin. I keep wanting to shout this ‘UV CAUSES 80% OF AGEING!’ and if this is the only thing you take from this column – please wear spf30 every day of your life. Think of your spf as an environmental protector and hopefully that will help you understand how important it is. It is widely known that the ingredient Zinc Oxide is the best at protecting against UV rays so check all your spf skincare to ensure it contains this. *Check out Tinted Moisturisers with spf 30 as this is an easy way to apply your daily sunscreen and you can mix these with liquid foundations to give you a more natural made up look. Exfoliate Skin exfoliates naturally in Spring and Summer and now is slowing down during autumn months. The Skin Renewal System therefore is slowing down too and this system is what keeps skin fresher, smoother, brighter and younger looking …as long as you pay attention to it. Therefore ensure you exfoliate twice a week preferably before you go to bed and apply your moisturiser straight after. When you do exfoliate, all the creams you apply after work better on that fresher skin. Good exfoliators do not make skin red raw so look out for skincare that contain glycolic acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid (Vit C) and salicylic acid if you are prone to open pores or acne. All these ingredients speed up the Skin Renewal System. Skin scrubs or polishes are good too combined with the above ingredients. If you use a skin scrub and your skin becomes red and agitated – stop using it on your face and use it on your hands, knees and feet where skin is tougher. For further information email: Chemical Peel If you have dull, sallow, thickened, lined, wrinkled skin, with open pores or acne then you should be having Chemical Peels in Salon/Spa. Peels using glycolic acid work by melting the bonds that hold dead skin cells onto the outer layer of skin and speeds up the removal of these dead skin cells resulting in a smoother, clearer, brighter and less wrinkled face! The results are instant after a glycolic acid peel with no downtime hence the nickname ‘lunchtime peel!’ Nourish So you have applied moisturiser and 10 minutes later your skin is feeling dry. This is so common at this time of year with the change in weather. Try applying another layer of moisturiser and see if that helps. If skin is still dry then apply a heavier weight moisturiser or a hydrating protective oil serum. Skincare products should be changed every 3 months or seasonally to ensure that you are looking after your skin properly. In Autumn when the outside is colder then think of protection against the weather as your number one concern. I like the word ‘layering’ as I want you to think of this. Cleanse skin in the morning and always use gentle pressure. Then: 1. Apply eye cream. 2. Apply treatment serums next – allow to absorb. ˈ\H[