BWS issue 36 November December 2015 - Page 19

Aberdeen focus | interview - but also that all my offshore medical and training certificates are in date, including the ‘dunker’ or HUET, as it is known; the Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer! Proactively, I provide training and workshops in Stress Awareness and Stress Management, Work/Life balance, the HSE Management Standards and Managing Change. These are offered both onshore and offshore. With the downturn in the oil industry are you finding more clients requiring your services? Yes. There has been an increasing requirement, not just before people suffer from stress with the training side of Managing Change, but also after, with the psychotherapy. Erin Park from Iqarus explaines how highly Carolyn and her work is regarded, both by her colleagues and clients. “Carolyn is quite unique in what she does. Her role is very dynamic but nothing phases her about mobilising in under an hour. Dealing with trauma is a huge part of the job and many of our clients would not go to anyone else.” In the last 5 years more than 13 million people have taken time off work due to stress. There is still a huge stigma to saying that you may be suffering from stress in the workplace, always with the fear of job security. At what point do you get involved with employees suffering from stress in the workplace? Stress is nothing new; one of the first slides I use in my training sessions is a quote from Epictetus, a Greek philosopher from the 1st century. In 2004, as one of the directors of the International Stress Management Association (UK), I was instrumental in introducing the HSE Management Standards into Scotland. National Stress Awareness Day was already an annual date before that, has continued to grow and is, incidentally, still owned by the International Stress Management Association; it is always the first Wednesday in November and I have been involved in every year since. This is only part of a growing educational intent to de-stigmatise mental ill health. BUSINESS WOMEN SCOTLAND 17 We at Iqarus are involved in pre-emptive training for employers and employees in understanding all aspects of stress, particularly in the workplace. We also offer support to companies in managing sickness absence and recognising the importance of work/life balance. The aim is to instill in the individual, and therefore the organisation, the necessary psychological, practical and safety checks to keep them on course into the future. This will result in increased individual performance, greater corporate efficiency and reduced absenteeism, thus allowing for overall individual and corporate wellbeing. Who has been most influential on your career and what is the best piece of advice that you have received? Many people have been influential throughout my career, including my husband and family. On the professional side, Professor Stephen Palmer, who trained me in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and continues to be supportive in my career; whilst Dr Bruce Lawrie has been my close mentor for the past many years and continues to be. Regarding the best piece of advice, I think the