Busy Parent's Guide to the Young Rebels - Page 3

Autumn 1915 There are secret plans for an uprising. March 1916 The rising is planned for Easter weekend but John Joe is told that he is too young to take part. Ester Monday 1916 • John Joe and Roger cycle into Dublin to join the uprising. The rebels have taken the GPO. Tuesday-Thursday Easter Week 1916 • John Joe and Roger watch events on O'Connell St from the Metropole Hotel. Thursday Easter Week 1916 • James Connolly is surprised to find the boys in the hotel. He gives them a pistol each. Later James Connolly is injured at the GPO. John Joe and Roger are sent to be stretcher bearers. Friday Easter Week 1916 The GPO is on fire. Pearse leads the rebels out of the building to a nearby shop. John Joe and Roger help to carry James Connolly's stretcher. Saturday Easter Week 1916 The rebels are surrounded. Pearse surrenders to prevent any more deaths. May 1916 The leaders of the Easter Rising are executed at Kilmainham Jail.