Busy Parent's Guide to the Young Rebels - Page 2

September 1913 • John Joe's mother is very sick. John Joe is sent to a boarding school at St Enda's. He doesn't like his new school. October 1913 • John Joe becomes fond of the teachers and makes good friends. St Enda's is not like any other school he has heard of. December 1913 • John Joe's mother dies just beforeChristmas. John Joe spends Christmas at St Enda's with the Pearse famiy. He is allowed to join Na Fianna. March 1914 John Joe goes out on marches with Na Fianna. There is talk of war in Europe. July-August 1914 Na Fianna and the Irish Volunteers march to Howth to collect guns from The Asgard. War breaks out in Europe. Spring 1915 The war in Europe rages on. The Irish Volunteer Force holds a mock battle the Dublin mountains. Summer 1915 John Joe goes to O Donovan Rossa's funeral and hears Padraig Pearse's speech at the graveside .