Business Watch Ada Oklahoma February 2018 - Page 13

funds and supplies is near-constant. Part of the P.A.W.S. mission includes the operation of a commu- nity-wide, low cost spay and neuter service, a program P.A.W.S. of- ficials said they know is desperately needed in the Ada area. But, that service is costly to provide, especially alongside the expense of longterm housing and care for so many animals. The organiza- tion also works closely with city of Ada animal control officials to house and care for animals the city’s animal wardens pick up. Some of the animals brought in by animal wardens are initial- ly housed in outdoor kennels. With the recent cold snap the Ada area just endured, that hous- ing arrangement pre- sented a challenge.  Ada BUSINESS Watch Out in the cold As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, P.A.W.S. relies almost exclusively on donations and grants to conduct its operations. Organizers said that can be particularly problem- atic during prolonged cold spells like the one the Ada area recently endured, with more than 22 days where the area’s high temperature was below freezing. During such a prolonged cold spell, P.A.W.S. officials have difficulty heating a portion of their kennels located outdoors. Luckily for P.A.W.S. and the animals housed in those kennels, an Ada-ar- ea business stepped in to help. When Hunter Su- perTechs’ Ada Operations Manager Joseph Hobson learned P.A.W.S. was struggling to heat the outdoor kennels, he and his colleagues decided they had to do something to help. Getting heat where it is needed is one of Hunter SuperTechs’ specialties. Hobson knew exactly what to do. “What we’ve done is we’ve gone out and bought some heat lamps, heat bulbs, some ex- tension cords and some things … they needed to keep the dogs warm … and we’re going to donate this stuff to P.A.W.S.,” Hobson said. “Not only that, but we’re going to challenge other business- es and other folks in Ada … to come together as a community and try to donate more stuff that they’re needing.” CONTINUED >> next page FirstBank’s Step-Up Certificate of Deposit Enjoy the security of a CD with flexibility to increase your rate. FirstBank’s “Step-Up CD” gives you an opportunity to request a better rate one time during the initial term of this CD. No more worrying that you will miss out on interest earnings if rates go up during the term of the CD. How the Step-Up CD Works: • If FirstBank’s CD rates rise during the term, you are able to increase your rate one time by contacting your local branch. • Your new rate and APY will remain in effect for the remainder of the term. Step-Up CD is a great way to maximize yield without risk. Available in: • 24 month and 36 month terms • Deposits start at $500 Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawal. Existing terms and conditions apply. Antlers 100 N. Hight Street Antlers, OK 74523 Atoka Coalgate Hugo Kiowa 731 S. Mississippi Ave. 704 S. Broadway 1501 E. Jackson St. 100 Harper Valley Rd. Atoka, OK 74525 Coalgate, OK 74538 Hugo, OK 74743 Kiowa, OK 74553 FEBRUARY 2018 13