Business Today 14th January 2018 - Page 58

The Best Management Lesson I Learnt tion and commitment, aided by my hard work, re- sulted in my company being awarded the contract. I was only 30 at the time. From the beginning, I always liked to face challenges and take risks in a calculated way. Whatever others would normally be scared to do, I would take it up and handle and execute it confidently. There were several accidents during the execu- tion of the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam project. Once the bridge over the Krishna River connecting the left and the right bank collapsed, and there were many casualties. My wife used to be very wor- ried about me as I would often go to the project site in the middle of the night. Although she had spent many anxious nights, she would also feel reassured that due to my fearless nature, I would overcome every challenge and deal with all kinds of complex problems amicably. W I always liked to face challenges and take risks in a calculated way. Whatever others would normally be scared to do, I would take it up and handle and execute it confidently get up in the middle of the night to plan the works at the site, supervise granite breaking at the quarry and get it transported to the dam site. In this way, I built the masonry structure and raised the block to the safest level every day before the floods came and thus completed my project in time. A bigger project during my younger days was the Munneru Aqueduct at Khammam. It was de- signed by my company. Everyone discouraged me from taking the project as it was a large one and I did not have any previous experience. Among the competitors was a prominent company from Andhra Pradesh, owned by a popular man with strong political contacts. He had a virtual monop- oly over such large-scale contracts. But I was not daunted by such challenges. I was determined to get the project through proper channels by using transparent and clean methods. My determina- hile I was working on the Munneru proj- ect, there were huge floods and all the equipment, and the raw material got washed away. A relative mocked our family, more out of envy than conce rn, saying that soon after I had started my business, everything had gone wrong. The equipment was badly damaged, and I had to reorganise things and mobilise another set, involving additional cost. In fact, I had to reorder the raw material drawing from my resources, but I did not give up even once. Those were the challeng- ing times in my life. Eventually, to everyone’s amazement, I man- aged to complete that project successfully after overcoming many hardships. I did not charge the owner (government) any extra money or ask for ad- ditional time for the damages that had happened and gave my word that I would complete the works in time. Only self-discipline and commitment could bring about such courage to face any hurdle with ease. These important projects created history in my life and set the platform for me to take up bigger and much greater challenges. The lesson that I would like to convey to readers is that one should never be afraid of taking on chal- lenges at any stage in life. Also, there is no substi- tute for hard work, self-discipline and commitment to your job and those alone will make people be- lieve in you. Be it a big or a small assignment, focus on it and put in all your efforts and work towards making it a success. These very attributes strengthened my self-be- lief and gave me the confidence to build GVK Pow- er & Infrastructure, which is now considered to be among the strongest and one of the best infrastruc- ture developers in the country and the world. 58 I BUSINESS TODAY I January 14 I 2018