Business Today 14th January 2018 - Page 46

The Best Management Lesson I Learnt We have many employees who started their professional journey with Sun and have remained with us for more than 25-30 years. They have wit- nessed the growth & emergence of Sun as the num- ber one pharmaceutical company in India and the fourth largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. They are the DNA of Sun. Even though Sun has grown significantly in the last three de- cades, our ideologies - humility, integrity, passion & innovation - remain the same. I think there is al- ways merit in doing more and talking less and this is strongly embedded in our cultural fabric. My belief has always been of not just showing employees the bigger picture but making them a part of it. Every individual aims for growth, both personal and professional. In case of the millennial generation, this needs to happen within a short span of time. Earlier, employees used to spend their entire professional life in one pursuit. But today is the age of multi-tasking and multi-experiences. Employees are keen to explore other avenues if their passion for growth is not satiated. At Sun, we try to provide suitable opportunities of growth within the organisation to increase engagement and improve productivity. If such opportu- nities are not provided, people will look out. Many people In my experience, putting faith and trust in who joined us as trainees and people working for you is the key. While dealing managers are now holding key with a workforce of thousands, respect their portfolios. They had the pas- individuality and develop the ability to listen. sion to grow and we provided Be accessible to them and open to feedback them a platform. It also helps that we enhance employee ex- perience by providing learning opportunities and investing in updated tools and techniques. nature come together lasts long. The same applies to organisations. I hired people who had the right persona and the passion to work towards the same goal and grow with the organisation. It was a mat- ter of channelising their energy in the right direc- tion and making them a part of the growth story. I believe the full potential of people comes out when you give them challenging assignments, empower them and give them the space t o make mistakes and learn from them. This leads to a culture of trust and openness and an engaged workforce. Provid- ing the right environment and culture to grow is required. I n my experience, putting faith and trust in people working for you is the key. While deal- ing with a workforce of thousands, respect their individuality and develop the ability to listen. Be accessible to them and open to feedback. Encour- age them to speak their mind without fear. I have always encouraged open channels of communica- tion with all my employees. In such an environ- ment, people are excited to take responsibilities and develop confidence to challenge the status quo. A clogged channel can lead to demotivation and hamper productivity. A nother critical factor in retaining talent in a global company is how far we are able to establish one global culture. This is another key driver that fosters the spirit of cooperation and team work. At Sun, we have more than 30,000 people from over 50 cultures, spread across conti- nents. We all have different traditions, speak differ- ent languages, celebrate different festivals, but have one vision, one goal. Respecting local cultures and giving people the freedom to implement their ideas goes a long way in building trust. In organisations such as ours which have a multi-cultural workforce, it is essential that employees are trained and well- versed with different cultures. At the end I will sum up by saying that only by recognising people’s passion for growth, giving them a voice and empowering them can we earn their trust and build bonds. 46 I BUSINESS TODAY I January 14 I 2018