Business Today 14th January 2018 - Page 35

IN ITS GOVERNMENT REQUESTS REPORT, FACEBOOK REVEALED THAT INDIA REQUESTED FOR DATA 9,853 TIMES IN THE FIRST HALF OF 2017 – UP FROM 6,324 TIMES IN THE FIRST HALF OF 2016 STORY TIME UNDER SCANNER WHATSAPP has been given a one-month ulti- matum by the independent French admin- istrative regula- tory body CNIL to stop sharing user data with its parent com- pany Facebook without getting Twitter is taking on Face- book by adding new fea- tures to its mobile app. Now, with features such as Moments and Threading, users can weave together their standalone tweets and present them like a story. FILTER COFFEE Snapchat had earlier launched ani- mated fi lters, such as twinkling stars, that could be added to photos or videos. Now, it is letting advertisers animate fi lters that people can use as overlays on photos and videos. Dunkin’ Donuts is the fi rst to come on board. The doughnut company has bought the sponsored animated fi lter that celebrates winter solstice — the darkest day of the year — to promote the brand’s dark roast coffee. The creative is designed such that it gets darker as the day progresses. the necessary consent. This has come in the wake of concerns that user data is being used for purposes that weren’t included in the terms of service and pri- vacy policy when people signed up on WhatsApp. GLOBAL ONLINE ADVERTISING REVENUE GROWTH HAS REACHED A HIGH OF 29.6 PER CENT, MARKET RESEARCH FIRM FORRESTER SAID. GOOGLE IS THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR, FOLLOWED BY FACEBOOK January 14 I 2018 I BUSINESS TODAY I 35