Business Today 14th January 2018 - Page 187

and face – and passwords, user data and application data safe from prying eyes. Apple talked about the secure vault feature on the recently launched iPhone X, and now Qualcomm has added a hardware isolated subsystem called the secure processing unit (SPU) in the Snapdragon 845 processor. Machine Learning and AI: Voice Assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant have been doing a great job of fetching information with a simple voice command. This experience is set to improve further, as chip manufacturers are adding dedicated hardware to handle machine learning processes for tasks such as real-time voice processing and image recognition. FaceID on iPhone X, for example, understands the gradual changes in your looks and continues to unlock the iPhone. With the new 845 chip, Qualcomm claims that the overall AI performance will be three-times better than the previous generation SoC. It will simplify capturing bokeh images using a single camera, enhance VR games, improvise accurate audio detection, identify voice from the sea of sound, and make movie interaction even more natural. processor will be able to capture pictures with more details. The one in Snapdragon 845 processor will enable high performance, true-to-life cinematic video capture and superior photography. Smartphones powered by this chip will be able to capture 64x more high- dynamic range colour information for video capture, record ultra HD Premium video at 60 frames per second and slow-motion videos at 720p resolution at 480 frames per second. When combined with AI, the camera will be able to also identify noise in the images, resulting in far better pictures. Devices powered by Huawei’s Kirin 970 chip will automatically choose camera settings based on the objects in the frame ensuring a much-enhanced output. More Power: Improved performance is a given in every new chipset; the Snapdragon 845 is no different. The 10-nm chip, aside from being feature- rich, promises to be 25-30 per cent faster than the current Snapdragon 835 chip. Launching apps, playing games, AI-driven tasks and graphic-intensive apps, etc, will see a performance boost of up to 25 per cent. Both Apple’s A11 Bionic chip and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor are designed to deliver immersive 3D games and an enhanced augmented reality experience. There is said to be significant improvements in the battery as well as the camera and visual processing architectures that will help in delivering up to 30 per cent power reduction when capturing video, playing games and using VR and AR applications. Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 technology can get the battery to recharge from 0 to 50 per cent in 15 minutes. @nidhisingal Better Video Capture: New chipsets with improved dedicated image signal WITH THE SNAPDRAGON 845 CHIP, AI-DRIVEN TASKS AND GRAPHIC- HEAVY APPS WILL GET A 25 PER CENT BOOST