Business Today 14th January 2018 - Page 174

The Best Management Lesson I Learnt I am often asked about the tough times when BY RITESH AGARWAL Founder and CEO, OYO ‘Be Patient’ Putting the right team together is a challenging task, but being diligent pays in the longer term. starting out, or a challenge that seemed too difficult to surmount while setting up OYO. I believe that when you are having so much fun, challenges and tough times contribute to the adventure. I started as a col- lege dropout. This gave me a sense of freedom and exhilaration at the possibilities that stretched out in front of me (albeit for a year, as that was the pact I had made with my parents). Being interested in travelling and having to make do with a frugal budget – no fancy star hotels for a student living on pocket money – I got a chance to observe and experience first-hand issues faced by budget travellers who did not have access to reliable, clean accommodation. Since then – from a single hotel in Gurgaon to the country’s largest hospitality company – it has been a journey where we have just hit the first few milestones. I have been fortunate to have mentors and visionaries who helped shape my thinking and set a foundation. The leadership team is the backbone of any com- pany – and is pretty much the bedrock for a startup founder. Early on at OYO, I was struggling to find like-minded people who understood what I wanted to do and displayed similar commitment to the idea. Putting the right team together became a challenging and frustrating task, which reflected on my self-belief. One mentor advised me to be patient and remain diligent in this search. The right folks would come by, and this would be but a small wrinkle in the larger fabric of the OYO story. Once I found my COO in Ab- hinav Sinha, a virtuous cycle kicked off into motion. We started attracting talent that was keen to be part of an innovative business that was just starting out. This core team heading operations, sales and finance has acted as a sounding board and able partners to ex- 174 I BUSINESS TODAY I January 14 I 2018