Business Today 14th January 2018 - Page 173

The Best Management Lesson I Learnt Be passionate, have a flexible yet growth-oriented and development-focussed mindset and the grit to hold on. Everything else will fall into place intelligence and smartness. I would judge my perfor- mance and that of others by that yardstick. But over the past few years of building an organisation from scratch and scaling it up to the size it is today, I have unlearnt many management principles. Most impor- tant, I now view my team through a very different lens. For me, individual smartness and intelligence are no longer the hallmarks of success. Instead, I have started valuing grit and mindset as fundamentally more critical to individual and organisational success. Running a start-up, or doing any other job for that matter, requires extended periods of commitment and hard work. One is pitched against the best of the breed and every day has to be won. Intelligence and smartness can only take you so far; what wins the war is the sheer grit of not letting it go, the fact that you are there every day, especially on those days when every part of your body and mind is screaming “I can’t do this anymore.” The one who picks herself up and is de- termined to grow is the one who wins in the long run. T oday, when I am hiring people or evaluating performance, I give grit and mindset much more weight than anything else. In the end, if a person wants to work in an organisation, work for something bigger or even be an entrepreneur, there is only one thing that counts, and that is pas- sion. Even while hiring, it is easy to tell if there is any real passion or motivation, and if there is, you have found your ideal candidate. We all need to be that ideal candidate and have the passion for whatever it is we are working for. And that is the greatest lesson for me. Be pas- sionate, have a flexible yet growth-oriented and de- velopment-focussed mindset and the grit to hold on. Everything else will fall into place. January 14 I 2018 I BUSINESS TODAY I 173