Business Today 14th January 2018 - Page 110

When you are handling the world’s largest project, which covers almost one-sixth of the world’s population, you need to reach out to people and convince them that their biometrics are in safe hands, all their data is secure and will not be misused The second lesson I have learnt is that one should never pronounce to be 100 per cent perfect. You can never be perfect in an ever-growing technology era. In Aadhaar, we are dealing with various technologies. Here the basic principle is you keep updating yourself to new developments and adapt them for better use towards your end goals. I was working with the Department of IT in Maha- rashtra when I was asked to join UIDAI to look after the Aadhaar work in the Western region comprising five states and union territories. The need for Aadhaar was very clear. One-sixth of the world’s population has been living in India, and a large section of them did not have any identity. We all know that a credible iden- tity is one of the biggest instruments of empowerment, development and delivery. We needed a unique iden- tity for our people, and Aadhaar offered a solution. As we progressed with Aadhaar enrolment, au- thentication and its applications, a lot of issues and challenges came up. Some were real; some of them were hypothetical and imaginary. Some needed im- mediate solutions; some required long-term eluci- dations. Concerns were expressed regarding various issues, including privacy, data security, data sharing, 110 I BUSINESS TODAY I January 14 I 2018