Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma September 2018 - Page 8

P S M AL L SHO - & - support local businesses 2nd Street Cigar Co. has a variety of cigars available onsite in their humidor. Take a Mini-Vacation at 2nd Street Cigar Co. STORIES AND PHOTOS BY KRISTY STURGILL “ T he old adage is true, if you need a plumber, lawyer, cardiologist or a financial investor, you go to a cigar shop,” said Clyde Percy, co-owner of the recently opened 2nd Street Cigar Co. in Edmond with Rich Stacey. 2nd Street Cigar Co. exists because two men, Stacey and Percy, met one another at a cigar shop in south Oklahoma City — where their friendship and business partnership began. “I always knew I wanted to own my own cigar lounge,” Stacey said. “I think that is every guy’s dream. If you smoke cigars, you want to own your own cigar lounge.” Percy is one of only four tobacconists in Oklahoma. Next year, he will be working 8 September 2018 | The Business Times to get his master tobacconist certification. Currently, there are only 14 master certified tobacconist in the United States. “It made me learn where tobacco came from, what to do, the correct humidity levels, the process of tobacco, the maintenance on the tools, lighters and cutters, PH balance and tasting notes. It’s more in-depth than just cigars because it also includes pipes B2( 7F6W6BआR6BR267FFǒ6VVrWBWpf&FF&66&V6W6RRvG0F&fFRFR&W7B6W'f6R76&RFFP7W7FW'2( FRFRg&VG62RR0vB6v'2&R&WB( 7F6W6BW&7w&VVBB6BFR&W7BW&&WBvr6v"62VWFrWpVR( ėN( 2FRVFFRVFvVBg&VRR( ХW&76B( &V6W6RR6fR&VRЦ6"wW6GFr7&72g&vFR6 wWvRfRVR6Rg&&6W2&6w&VG2B&VFF2BBFW6( BGFW#R6( BfBF@vW&RV6R( Х7F6WBW&7VFR7V7@b'&vr6VGFvWFW"@'&VrFv&'&W'266RVpV&ƖW"F2V"&6FR6VG7W'B2&VVfW'vV֖r( FRf'7BFrWBWv2FR6vWBg&B( 7F6W6B&VfW'&rFFP