Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma September 2018 - Page 30

BUSINESS MATTERS MIKE CRANDALL P ROFESSIONAL G ROWTH S OLUTIONS (The Only) Three Things People Pay For I n business, and in life, there is this common struggle most face. It is in truly figuring out why some people say yes, and other people say no. This could be in a sales role where they are selling to prospective clients: a customer service role where we are dealing with existing clients: a leadership/management role where we are dealing with employees or potential employees; as well as all sorts of other communication interactions. When you boil down the true psychology of what people are willing to say yes to, and pay for, there are really only three things. These are simple to list, however hard for most to wrap theirs heads around and apply to your own business/world. 1 – Results = People are very willing to say yes and pay for something if they see they can get specific Results worth as much, or more than the price. As an example — if something costs $100 but I will get results worth at least $100 (if not more) it is easy to say yes and pay for it. This is the hardest of the three for most people to see and connect with. 2 – Perception = Because Results are hard to see and connect with people will 30 September 2018 | The Business Times often default or revert to Perception. This is more about the overall feeling they get about the company, person, situation, etc. The subconscious mind drives us to feel more comfortable, or less comfortable when we compare things. This leads us to get a Perception of what something is worth. If the Perception is that my $100 will get $100 (or more) back it is easy to say yes and buy. 3 – Value = This is the single most common for the majority of the population. Value is all about what is the cheapest — how do I get the most for my money if I say yes. This is why so many people go with the lowest quote, biggest discount, etc. It I also why so many people start with questions like “how much does it cost, what is your hourly rate, etc.” Most people do not know how to shop for things on Results or Perception — however, they do feel comfortable comparing on price or Value. Sometimes when people read this they have an ah-ha moment and see something of use; however, most people struggle with this because each of them is a personal thing that we see/feel from our own perspective. Everyone will have a different definition of Results, Perception, and of Value. It is our job to find out what matters most to them, then figure out what their definition or measurement is. Then and only then can we increase our chances of getting more people to say yes and buy. Now let me ask — do you know what matters most to you in each situation, how about to your team, and how about to your prospects/clients? If you do not know with 100-percent certainty — think about how much it is costing you? If you don’t know or don’t like the answers — find a Business Growth Consultant who can help. MIKE CRANDALL lives in Edmond, Okla. He is a Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Author focused on the Subconscious Psychology of Human Interaction and Motivation. His firm specializes in Sales, Management, and Leadership Development for Proactive Business Growth. Mike is based in Oklahoma and serves Visionary Clients across the United States. He can be reached at Mike. or at 405-844-1700. For more information, go online to www.