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ED M O N D, O K L AHO MA SEPTEMBER 2018 GENERAL MANAGER VOL.10 | NO. 9 INSIDE 2018 Lance Moler EDITOR Mark Codner SALES TEAM Terri Bohanan Nancy Sade CONTRIBUTING Lance Moler WRITERS AND Mike Crandall PHOTOGRAPHERS Jim Denton Nick Massey Patty Miller Van Mitchell Tim Priebe Karen Moore Kristy Sturgill 6 24 Miss your Business Times? Call 341-2121 to get on our mailing list. Thanks! The Business Times is a monthly publication of The Edmond Sun devoted to business in the Edmond area. All rights reserved. Copyright © September 2018. 26 28 A MUSICAL VISION PERSISTS FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS Dietsch insists that she isn’t the visionary at inter- city violin, but instead, it was her father’s legacy. “Every day he worked in 10 or 12 hours. He repaired, he taught at the university, he was on the phone with students and parents. My mother was his greatest fan and made all of it happen for him,” she said. “Every day, he learned something new, taught something, and created something.” SUCCESS WITH ONLINE VIDEOS It’s been just over a decade since Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. And the number of people who watch online videos on a regular basis has only increased. Online video is here to stay! So smart digital marketers are making use of those videos as a marketing platform. Online videos can be very effective if done right. If you want to increase your chances of success using online videos for marketing purposes, there are a few principles you need to follow. IS THE SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND REALLY THERE? I’m often asked if Social Security is broke or going broke. The answer is yes, sort of, or maybe already did. I’m not trying to be cute with the answer because it’s a little complicated. The Social Security Administration announced in June that it would have to dip into its trust fund for the first time in 36 years. HAIRSPLITTING HOBBY LOSS RULES If you’ve ever visited with your CPA about a new and fun business idea, you’ve likely endured a brief or not so brief lecture about the IRS’s position on what it considers to be hobby losses and the fact that such losses are not deductible. Due to inconsistent U.S. Tax Court rulings, 100,000 pages of IRS regulations, 1.2 million tax preparers and 75,000 IRS employees taking positions, there are some differences about profit motive. September 2018 | The Business Times 3