Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma September 2018 - Page 10

P S M AL L SHO - & - support local businesses The Martini Lounge in Edmond offers a variety of alcoholic beverages ranging from tangy to sweet, and from seasonal to classics. Sarah Stevenson (pictured) is preparing to serve customers on Friday night. Cozy, Casual Lounge Offers Good Drinks and Unique Atmosphere STORIES AND PHOTOS BY KRISTY STURGILL T he Martini Lounge is a hidden gem located on the east side of town. After being open for over a decade, they continue to draw in big crowds, especially on the nights with live music. “When you come it is very laid back but really nice. It has the right vibe. We started coming here when he (Mark Rupert) was still working and now he’s been retired for four years,” said Mari Rupert, a long-time patron. The couple have lived in Edmond for more than a decade, and they’re convinced there is no better place for them to spend their date night each week. “It reminds me a lot of Cheers. We are just one of the gang that shows up here 10 September 2018 | The Business Times pretty regularly. There is just not very many places that offer the heavy Hors-d’oeuvre and affordable beverages,” Mark Rupert said. “You don’t see this type of deal anywhere else. It is really just a fun place to come in.” The bar and catering manager, Jesse Way, shared the same sentiment with the regulars. “It feels upscale without being stuffy or it’s a lot more relaxed and super friendly. Especially Friday, during our Happy Hour you’ll meet the nicest people in the world,” Way said. Although, he cautioned, “as long as you don’t take their seat.” The lounge is dim with only a few lights in the space. There isn’t any open windows or natural light pouring in during the early afternoon. It’s dark and cozy, and the booths are intimate. The room gives off the vibe of a 1920s speakeasy. The family-like environment between the staff and patrons in the restaurant starts with the owners, Peter Holloway and Sherree Holloway. They’ve created a company culture that allows their employees to thrive and many have worked for nearly a decade at the restaurant or lounge. “I love it here,” said Sarah Stevens, their newest team member. She is a Martini Lounge bartender, and she loves serving up a good Cosmo.