Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma May 2018 - Page 26

BUSINESS MATTERS TIM PRIEBE W ebifiable Instagram For Businesses And Non-Profits E arlier in 2018, Instagram rolled out a change that allowed partner platforms to start scheduling posts to the social media site. Previously, all you could do was schedule an alert to go to your phone that would pre-fill an Instagram post. You still had to actually do something in order to post. Now you don’t have to do anything once the post is scheduled! What does this mean? It’s now much easier for businesses and nonprofits that utilize pre- scheduled content to add Instagram to the mix. Of course, being strategic can make a huge difference. But for some, it may be overkill. If you’re already utilizing a tool like Hootsuite and just want to start experimenting with Instagram, spend a few minutes setting up an Instagram account, link the two together, and start checking the Instagram box when you upload your photos via Hootsuite. If you actually want to be strategic, let’s answer a few questions that can help you make the most of Instagram. Q: IS INSTAGRAM RIGHT FOR ME? When considering new social media platforms, I recommend people consider four factors: 1. Audience 2. Capabilities 3. Culture fit 4. Comfort level If all four fit, it’s a no-brainer. If it’s less than that, you have to decide if it makes sense for you or not. Around 30 percent of Americans use Instagram. If your target market is between 18 and 29, nearly 60 percent of them are using Instagram. If it’s between 30 and 49, 26 May 2018 | The Business Times approximately 33 percent of them are on Instagram. As far as capabilities go, Instagram is all about sharing your own photos and graphics. It’s focused on your mobile device and the Instagram app. Photos skew toward live and event-based photos with users sharing things happening to them in real life. The culture on Instagram tends to be very casual. As far as your comfort level, you’ll need to try it out for a while and see. Q: WHAT STRATEGY SHOULD I USE? Focus first on building your plan, then on setting up the platform. Once you’ve done that, start posting and