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Tara Voth feeds a treat to her Shih Tzu Toby. PHOTO BY KRISTY STURGILL Bark and BREAKFAST Serves Up Healthy Dog Treats BY KRISTY STURGILL F urry family members deserve a healthy diet too, which is why Tara Voth started creating dog treats from simple, but delicious, ingredients. “The treats are made from all the ingredients my husband and I eat. Originally, I made a ton of different recipes, and my husband and I would try them to find out which ones taste better and which ones smell better,” Voth said. “I make them just like if I were making Christmas cookies for my family.” In fact, she only uses three ingredients: peanut butter, milk and flour. Each treat is homemade in her kitchen. She can make 20 May 2018 | The Business Times up to 1,000 treats in a day, and she spends approximately four hours rolling out the dough, cutting the shapes, baking and dehydrating each treat. “If you get a commercial dog treat they are full of byproducts and fillers,” Voth said. “In my house we eat a lot of whole foods and not much is processed. I found it was pretty simple to make a homemade dog treat. In our family, we make a lot of things.” Baking is her full-time job, but it didn’t start that way. Voth began the business after she decided she needed a career change, so she started housing and caring for local pets when families went out of town for a couple days or weeks. “I was oil and gas, and I went through three downturns in five or 10 years, and after the last one I didn’t know what I wanted to do because my heart wasn’t in it,” she said. “So, we started dog sitting on the side, and we made dog treats for our clients. We were sending them home treats, and people told us their dogs went crazy for them.” Dog sitting was hard on their house, so eventually she stopped and transitioned to a dog treat company. She knew the